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Stumble Guys 0.34 APK: Run, Dash, and Slide Past Your Opponents

How to Download and Install Stumble Guys 0.34 APK on Your Android Device

If you are looking for a fun and addictive online multiplayer party game, you should definitely check out Stumble Guys. This game is inspired by the popular Fall Guys, but it is free and exclusive for mobile devices. In this game, you will race with up to 32 players online through chaotic obstacle courses, trying to be the last one standing. You will also be able to customize your character's appearance, enjoy hilarious physics-based gameplay, and participate in various modes and events.

download stumble guys 0.34 apk

In this article, we will show you how to download and install the latest version of Stumble Guys, which is 0.34 APK. This version has some bug fixes and improvements, as well as access to new maps, modes, and events. We will also give you some tips and tricks to help you win in this game.

What is Stumble Guys?

Stumble Guys is a massive multiplayer party knockout game with up to 32 players online. It was developed by Kitka Games and published by Scopely. It was released in November 2020 for Android devices.

A fun and chaotic online multiplayer party game

The main mode of Stumble Guys is Battle Royale, where you will compete with other players in a series of rounds, each with a different obstacle course. The courses are randomly selected from a pool of 17 unique maps, each with its own theme, design, and challenges. The courses can include ramps, slides, swings, hammers, balls, spikes, platforms, and more. The objective is to reach the finish line before the time runs out or before the number of qualifiers is reached. The last round is usually a final showdown between the remaining players.

Inspired by Fall Guys but free and exclusive for mobile devices

Stumble Guys is clearly inspired by the popular PC and console game Fall Guys, which has a similar premise and gameplay. However, Stumble Guys has some advantages over Fall Guys, such as being free to play, being available only for mobile devices, having simpler graphics and controls, and having more frequent updates.

Features 17 unique obstacle courses, customizable outfits, and hilarious physics

One of the best features of Stumble Guys is its variety of obstacle courses, which are colorful, creative, and challenging. You will never get bored of playing the same map over and over again, as each round will be different and unpredictable. You will also be able to customize your character's appearance with various outfits and emotes that you can unlock by playing the game or by purchasing them with gems or tokens. Moreover, you will enjoy the hilarious physics-based gameplay that will make you laugh, scream, and rage as you stumble, fall, and bounce your way to victory or defeat.

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