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Le Patient

The gastrointestinal tract is frequently involved in immunocompromised hosts. The most common digestive manifestations are dysphagia, odynophagia and diarrhea. These diseases are more frequent in patients with acquired immunodeficiency virus (AIDS).

Le Patient


With lower COVID-19 activity in our community, we welcome the opportunity to embrace the healing power of loved ones. Beginning 3/23/2022, visitation will be open for most patients. We will continue to limit visitors for patients who are COVID-positive or symptomatic.

In order to allow for social distancing, patients in the Emergency Department waiting rooms, Same Day Surgery (SDS) and Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) will be limited to 2 visitors.

Hi, Just wondering if "un client" is interchangeable with "un patient" in French. Looked up the dictionary and it doesn't appear to be. It's just that in this extract the dentist talks about "le premier client" or "j'ai des clients", I've never heard of patients being described as customers. Now, that's not very caring, is it?

While you may not have heard patients being described as customers, some doctors have been advised to call their patients "clients". This is certainly the case in the USA (see link) and in Europe too as it happens.

Within the scope of our psycho-oncology activity in a general hospital environment, we have observed an increase in requests for appointments after treatment for cancer. The majority of these requests have come at a time when the patient has decided to return to work. Moreover, they are frequently from patients who have not requested appointments during treatment, despite the regular opportunities available with the psychologist.Within this context, we have raised questions about the process and mechanisms in place at the time of returning to work after cancer, about the characteristics of patients who request support after treatment and the reasons behind why this step leads to requests for post-treatment appointments. In order to better understand the factors determining a request for post-treatment appointments and the psychological processes in play when returning to work, we will analyse three clinical cases with common characteristics: 1) all of them are in remission following their treatment; 2) all of the patients requested an appointment several months after stopping treatment; 3) they are going to or have just resumed some professional activity. The disease and the treatments did not lead to any motor function disabilities. They all wanted to resume their professional activities. Analysis of these clinical circumstances helped to highlight some salient points: 1) it would appear that each patient seemed to have developed a coping mechanism focused on support from their social network. This has been perceived as being effective; 2) during treatment, patients seemed to have immediately called upon the help from their resources, without previously noted psychological development; 3) the professional domain seems to be the trigger for anxiety, often revealing more complex underlying issues; 4) the patients were highly psychologically aware during treatment; 5) two of them tried to continue working while undergoing treatment; 6) the patients did not seem to make links between their current difficulties and the disease event. These elements lead us to think that: 1) the return to work is possibly a trigger in raising awareness of a change that has been ignored up to this point. Indeed, it would appear that patients were not aware of the psychological repercussions of the disease and its treatments. Some will even indicate in the current questioning a refusal to see a consequence to the psychological upheaval due to the disease; 2) it is possible that it is more difficult to call upon the help of the psychological resources necessary to adapt to this new change, at a time when support form social networks is at its minimum, in particular. 041b061a72


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