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Brent Sullivan
Brent Sullivan

FontDoctor 10.8

Just wanted to add that I am also experiencing exactly the same issues as others are posting. Using Extensis Universal Type Server to manage fonts on OSX 10.8.5. Postscript fonts show up in ALL other applications (textedit, word, CS6 apps), but don't show up in CC apps at all. The font is also shown as being active in the system profiler, with the 'Valid' and 'Enabled' options both showing 'Yes'. As others have said, this is definitely a problem with CC apps by themselves - and moving around thousands of fonts is not feasible, and is just an all-around terrible way to manage fonts.

FontDoctor 10.8

Download Zip:

Notes:Running Mac OS 10.7, but can boot to 10.6 or 10.8 if needed. I am not absolutely looking for freeware. If there's a paid app to do this, I'm fine with that. If someone wants to outline steps in FontLab or Fontographer, I'm all ears. 041b061a72


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