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Morrowind Restore Fatigue Spell ((NEW))

Morrowind Rebirth Fixes* Fixed an issue where the warhammer 'Skull Crusher' mesh scale was incorrect (if you already have Rebirth installed please remove 'w_art_warhammer_crusher' from morrowind/data files/w)* Fixed an issue where Mehra Milo were to take you somewhere 'private' where the ordinators can't hear you, only to have one standing next to you during the conversation.* Fixed an issue where the Skeleton Pirate Captain in Himmelhorst Barrow didn't have his unique weapon 'Seasplitter".* Fixed an issue where enchanted marksmen gear were too common in crates due to a typo in leveled-lists.* Fixed issues where changes in Rebirth caused issues with the pathfinding for Fargoth.* Fixed an issue where the player were able to hop into the water during the prologue.* Fixed an issue where the topic 'kwama egg' was accidentely removed from the game.* Fixed an issue where Beldoh the Undying was accidentely removed from the game.* Fixed issues where companion spells were set to self instead of touch.* Fixed an issue where the Robe of Mysticism had the wrong enchantment.* Fixed an issue where Blighted Shalks and Scribs were not hostile.* Fixed an issue where the entrance to Ainab was partially buried.* Fixed a massive amount of typos.

morrowind restore fatigue spell

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GEARIron Saber, Iron Battle Axe, Nordic Wood Shield, Iron Greaves, Iron Boots, Iron Cuirass2 repair hammersArkay The EnemySPELLSS: Dark Ritual (restore health and magicka, drain fatigue)S: Absorb fatigueS: Burden

GEARIron Saber, Chitin Short Bow, and 20 Corkbulb ArrowsNetch Leather Shield, Netch Leather PauldronsWood axe, Grill, Waterskin, Common Tent (Ashfall)GrinderStandard Potion of Chameleon, Standard Potion of Jump, Standard Potion of Restore FatigueSPELLSS: Roam (fortify speed and restore fatigue)S: ChameleonP: Detect Creatures 350c69d7ab


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