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[S12E2] Sick Day __FULL__

After Sheldon and Leonard spend two months repairing Sheldon's DNA molecule model, everyone prepares to fly to Sweden for the Nobel Prize award ceremony. Howard and Bernadette nervously leave their kids for the first time with Stuart and Denise, while Raj leaves his dog with Bert. Penny has become pregnant, though she and Leonard are keeping it a secret. On the flight, Raj meets Sarah Michelle Gellar. Penny's frequent bathroom trips make Sheldon fear she is sick. Penny reveals her pregnancy to Sheldon but, instead of being excited for her, Sheldon is only selfishly relieved that he will not get sick, and he exposes the pregnancy, offending Leonard. At the hotel, a series of minor incidents with their kids make Howard and Bernadette want to go home. Much to their dismay, Sheldon is still insensitive. Amy furiously tells Sheldon he broke his friends' hearts and that people (sometimes including her) only tolerate him because he does not intentionally do so. Everyone decides to stay for the ceremony and Raj brings Gellar as a plus-one. After they are awarded their medals, Amy encourages girls to pursue science while Sheldon thanks his family and then, discarding the acceptance speech that he wrote as a child, individually acknowledges each of his friends and Amy as his other family who always support him, apologizing to all of them for not being the friend they deserved. In the last scene in the episode and the series, the gang is eating in Apartment 4A (an allusion to the final scene in the opening credits) with Sheldon and Amy wearing their medals as a melancholic acoustic version of the series' theme song's chorus plays.

[S12E2] Sick Day

The one during season 23's Tegridy Farms storyline where the town has Randy arrested and turns their back on him. The Tegrdy Farms angle didn't do much for the show, and by this episode, the audience was sick of Randy too.

Over the scene, a rather disturbing image began to flash across the screen. It consisted of a Child drowning in Gasoline with his mother watching in terror. The image started to move up and down as it was flashing. I was confused and scared, what sick freak would make something like this?! i hate Bluey with a passion, but i can't see why anyone would enjoy this!

I don't know what sick son of a bitch would create such a thing? and this is coming from someone who hates bluey. It contained some of the most violent images and videos i had ever seen. If anyone find this video, can you please email it to me?

Death In Paradise has become a welcome winter treat for viewers since it first arrived on our screens in 2011, although the residents of Saint Marie must surely be getting sick and tired of having the worst murder rates in the Caribbean by now.

After the events in "A Ladder to Heaven", in which Cartman drinks Kenny's soul, Cartman becomes sick and travels with the boys and Chef to have Kenny's spirit exorcised. Stan has a run-in with famous TV "psychic" John Edward.

Radia, the mermaid princess, is teleported deep into the forest. A wolf is there to meet her. Apex shapeshifts and explains the situation. A sick wolf needs the volatile mermaid potion to survive. It is dangerous, but they have to try!

On this supersized bonus episode Matt has himself just a fuckin week. Matt talks about he and Cassie's upcoming trip to Las Vegas to see Taylor Swift, Maggie vomiting blood, and Cassie being really sick. Just, nothing comin' up Millhouse for Matt this week. Aviv tries to get Matt's T. Swift tickets for pennies on the dollar, and Matt details his frantic efforts to get Cassie and Maggie well enough so they can still go to see the show. The guys dive into the mailbag, discuss the original script of Good Will Hunting, and Aviv is very cozy while recording. All this and more! Give us a rate and review wherever fine podcasts are sold, tweet at us @svupodcast (which we cannot stress enough is the official Twitter handle of Law and Order SVU, and you can take that to the bank, the blood bank senator!) and for longer or weirder stuff, or tweet sized emails because fuck Elon Musk, send us an email

On this week's episode hosts Aviv and Matt official break double digits for seasons when they view and review season 10 episode 1 of SVU - Trials! The guys spend way too much time talking about Fez from That 70's Show and get in a big fight about it. Aviv begs Matt to save the drama, Matt talks about being sick which was a ton of fun, and talks about his and Cassie's night out to celebrate Halloween. Aviv talks about a meeting he has to pitch his western, and how crazy stuff is out in LA. All this and much more!Give us a rate and review wherever fine podcasts are sold, Tweet at us @svupodcast (which we cannot stress enough is the official Twitter handle of Law and Order SVU, and you can take that to the bank, the blood bank senator!) and for longer and weirder stuff send us an email

On this special bonus Thanksgiving episode Aviv and Matt take the delightfully terrible Power Rangers movie from 2017 to takedown corner. If you're sick of hanging out with your family, take a brief reprieve to listing to the hosts lovingly rip apart this fun but stupid movie. Please rate and review us on iTunes, tweet at us @SVUPodcast, or send us an email

On this week's episode hosts Matt and Aviv view and review season 4 episode 16 of SVU - Tortured! The guys try to figure out what exactly is going on in this weeks jumbled and crazy episode. Matt tells Aviv about Maggie being sick and the quandry he finds himself in with a dog he is watching. Aviv tries desperately to cling to moviepass while Matt claims that moviepass is a scam. The two try to figure out how moviepass could possibly work and compare the business model to the Bluth frozen bannana stand from Arrested Development. The hosts dive into the mailbag to respond to your tweets and emails. All this and more! Please rate and review us on iTunes, tweet at us @SVUPodcast, or send us an email

On this episode Matt and Aviv view and review season 3 episode 13 - Prodigy! The guys are both really sick but powering through for you, the listeners. Matt blames Aviv for getting him sick from across the country and Aviv threatens to not edit out any coughs or sneezes. Matt talks about his trip to Kansas City and Aviv talks about how he never knew that Kansas City is only one city, not two different cities. Matt talks about how he finally got his fishtank back up and running and breaks the very sad news that the mascot of the podcast died, RIP Eelliott Stabler. Aviv talks about Matt's mom and a touching moment they had at Matt's wedding. Aviv talks about his Hulu watchlist being the Handmaids Tale and the Bachelor and the guys try to reconcile that. Aviv defends himself and how his television tastes have evolved away from enjoying reality TV. The hosts dive into the mailbag, and the guys debate what is even worth talking about regarding politics on the podcast given how quickly the news cycle is moving lately. All this and much more! Rate and review us on iTunes, tweet at us @SVUPodcast or send us an email 041b061a72


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