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Godox WEC  2 kits Wireless Mic

Godox WEC 2 kits Wireless Mic

Voice Your Passion, Budget Your Way
Introducing the exceptionally cost-effective wireless microphone system WEC. With an ultra-compact design, incredible compatibility, long-lasting duration, and pristine audio performance, it is ideal for live streaming, interviews, vlogging, outdoor shooting and more.


Exceptional Sound Capture
Experience unparalleled audio quality with lossless sound reproduction. Providing both Mono and Stereo modes, the WEC ensures that every nuance of your sound is faithfully captured for an immersive listening experience.


Intelligent Noise Cancellation

Say goodbye to unwanted background noise. Powered by Dynamic Noise Reduction technology, the WEC effectively reduces ambient noise and delivers crystal-clear sound for your creation.


Maximum 200m Wireless Range

With a maximum transmission distance of 200m, the WEC guarantees your connection without compromising on audio quality even at a distance. Let’s break free from constraints and explore the world of wireless audio.


Enjoy uninterrupted usage with the WEC boasting an impressive 8-hour battery life on a single charge. When paired with the charging case, it can be extended up to 24 HRS. With its built-in digital battery display, WEC allows you to check the remaining power at just a glance.


Adjustable Gain Control

Tailor your audio to perfection with WEC. Featuring a ±6dB gain adjustment, it presents you with strong capabilities in multiple environments, ensuring your sound remains balanced and optimal in every setting.



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