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X8 Scooter

X8 Scooter

X8 Electric Scooter 25 km/h

Long Range Electric Scooter – 40 Km/25 mi base on a 10.4Ah removable battery

Powerful Adult Scooters – X8 Motor 350 Watts, Peak 700W output

Go Fast Scooters – Unlock X8 Pro Electric Scooter Max Speed 25 km/h 

IP54 Cool Scooters with Smart Detachable battery 36V 10Ah

Removable Battery Pack – User-friendly, Easy to replace & recharge

Scooter Your City with Bigger Wheels- 10inch, Reinforced tires with more protection against punctures

Three Speed mode: 3

Eco Scooter (No “D”): Slowest – 10 kmh
Comfort Mode (Grey “D”): Medium – 20 kmh
Pro Scootering Mode (Red “D”): Fastest – Up to 30 kmh

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