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Godox ML60II Bi

Godox ML60II Bi

Super Lightweight & Compact Design


Weighing approximately 500g (light body only), equivalent to a bottle of water, the ML60II Bi boasts a compact square shape, offering one-hand grip, easy installation, and high portability.


One-Handed Outdoor Gear


Want to streamline your video creation? ML60II Bi is designed for effortless one-hand operation and seamless installation, optimizing work efficiency.


Smaller Bag Carrying Bigger Convenience


Featuring a smaller, easily portable storage bag that enhances convenience and saves valuable space, ML60II Bi is perfect for on-the-go journey—wherever you explore, just take it with you.


Fuel Creativity With Versatile Accessories


Unleash limitless creative potential with the ML60II Bi's wide array of Godox-Mount accessories. Paired with the MLP projection, its class-leading lens system and meticulously designed structure deliver perfect lighting effects.


Adaptable Lighting in Any Space


Enabling efficient lighting adjustments, the ML60II Bi, with its adaptable accessory system, empowers you to creatively capture various settings, whether indoors or outdoors.


Upgraded Lamp Beads for Stunning Brightness


Elevate your video quality with upgraded lamp beads,enhancing each frame with renewed brilliance and clarity.


2800-6500K Color Temperature Range


Enjoy a wide color temperature range from 2800K to 6500K, allowing easy matching with ambient lighting conditions. With high CRI(96+) and TLCI(97+), the ML60II Bi offers vibrant natural light and accurate colors.


APP Control


Take full control of your lighting via the Godox Light APP, offering precise control and customization options for simplifying your creation process.


More Ways to Transform Ambiance


Dive into creativity with 11 dynamic FX effects, seamlessly transforming ambiance and enabling captivating visual storytelling.


*** Handheld Battery Kit Sold Seperately 

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