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Brent Sullivan
Brent Sullivan

[S2E6] Doppelbanger !!TOP!!

Willow is walking with some friends when Leighton comes up and hugs her. Willow is confused for a moment because they don't really know each other. Leighton is offended when Willow thinks she's Kimberly, but lets it go because she needs Willow to identify the girl she saw. She took a picture from a distance and shows it to Willow. Willow tells her that's Tatum. She realizes Leighton's in her doppelbanger stage, wanting to date someone who looks like her, and says they've all been through it. Leighton asks if Willow can introduce her to Tatum. Willow agrees to do it if Leighton buys her a jacket.

[S2E6] Doppelbanger



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