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Mass Effect Crack Only Galaxy Map Fix Extra Quality

After googling I found that a lot of other people had similar problems, but they could activate the galaxy map and it was just blank. Also that only happened on pirated games and I had bought my copy.

mass effect crack only galaxy map fix

Thank you very, very much Continue this thread level 1 Comment deleted by user 3 years ago level 2 Original Poster 1 point 3 years ago I included all the keywords View entire discussion ( 8 comments) More posts from the masseffect community Continue browsing in rmasseffect rmasseffect This subreddit is for people who love the Mass Effect universe including the games, books, comics, and DLC.

Shepard took his time to grieve for the loss of his friend, and thanks to the undamaged beacon on Virmire, his Prothean vision is now complete. During the debriefing, Liara touches Shepard's mind to interpret it fully. The vision was a distress call intended to warn the Protheans about the Reapers. Liara realizes that the landmarks in the vision are on Ilos, a planet she has studied as part of her Prothean research. Ilos had been impossible to reach because it was only accessible through the Mu Relay, which is why Saren needed the Relay's location from Noveria. After the debriefing, Joker passed on a message for Shepard from the Council: they're putting together a massive multi-species effort to face Saren.

Thrilled that the Council was finally taking this seriously, Shepard returns to the Citadel, wanting to personally lead the assault. But once back at the station, he discovers the Council was only putting up a blockade around the mass relays to stop Saren from reaching the Citadel. Neither they nor Ambassador Udina believe his story about the Reapers and they refuse to send a fleet to Ilos. The Mu Relay is in the Terminus Systems and a Citadel fleet there could start a war. Shepard knows the Normandy's stealth systems can get them there discreetly, but the Council was getting tired of Shepard's insistence that the Reapers are the real threat. Udina, wanting to make nice with the Council, grounds the Normandy and locks out the ship's systems and closes all official diplomatic channels.

Vigil unveils a startling revelation. The Citadel is actually a trap; a huge mass relay linking to dark space, outside of the galaxy, where the Reapers are waiting. The keepers are presumed to be one of the earliest races to be indoctrinated by the Reapers, who set them the task of maintaining the Citadel and activating the Citadel Relay when Sovereign signals them. It is also revealed that Sovereign is the vanguard of the Reapers. After every Reaper attack, they leave behind one of their kind to act as a vanguard and to monitor the development of the galaxy's races. Once the galaxy's races are sufficiently advanced, the vanguard will activate the Citadel Relay and usher in the next genocide. The reason the Reapers harvest the galaxy of all advance organic life approximately every 50,000 years is currently unknown. According to Vigil, not even the Prothean scientists could comprehend why they do it. They may be driven by goals that organics find impossible to understand. Once the galaxy is harvested, the Reapers return to dark space to hibernate and conserve energy. In this state, they are apparently vulnerable, so they always seal the Citadel Relay behind them.

Landing outside the prison, Shepard makes it past several security measures and prison guards. He locates Kenson in the middle of an interrogation and frees her. Shepard and Kenson fight past more guards and escape on a batarian shuttle. On the way to Kenson's team's base, she reveals that she and her team had entered batarian space to investigate rumors of Reaper technology orbiting on the fringes of the Bahak system. The team discovered a Reaper artifact they dubbed "Object Rho" hidden in the asteroids near the system's mass relay, and learned from it that the Reapers were rapidly approaching. The Reapers could use the system's mass relay, the "Alpha Relay", to strike anywhere in the galaxy. Kenson and her team started what they called "the Project" to prevent this from happening. Their plan was to hurl a large asteroid at the Alpha Relay and destroy it, delaying the Reapers' plans by months or even years as they are forced to find another relay. A consequence of this plan would be that the relay's supernova-like explosion would obliterate the Bahak system and kill the 300,000 inhabitants of Aratoht. Since the stakes are so high, Shepard insists on seeing Kenson's evidence first. Kenson agrees and informs her team at the Project Base that she and Shepard are en route.

Shortly after escaping Earth, Shepard received a communication from Admiral Hackett, ordering the commander to the Prothean Archives on Mars, where humanity first discovered mass effect technology. Hackett insists that Liara T'Soni has found there what may be the only way to defeat the Reapers.

With the Illusive Man dealt with, Shepard opens the arms of the Citadel and Hackett orders Shield Fleet, along with the Crucible to move in. The Crucible successfully docks with the Citadel, but nothing happens. At this point, Shepard and Anderson sit together and look at the vast blue planet beyond. Anderson tells Shepard that he is proud of him and it has been an honor to fight at his protege's side. After this final conversation, Anderson dies from his injuries and Shepard passes out from blood loss. While unconscious, however, Shepard is transported to another part of the Citadel. When he regains consciousness, Shepard is confronted by an entity of energy, manifesting itself in the form of the small boy Shepard saw die at the Reapers' hands when he fled Earth. The entity explains that it is the Catalyst, the creator of the Reapers and architect of their galactic purges every 50,000 years. The Catalyst explains that the purpose of such genocide is to solve the problem it was created to stop; the total annihilation of organics by the synthetic races they inevitably create. Its solution was to allow organic species to evolve to the apex of their civilization and then harvest these races, with millions of bodies and minds from each race being processed and converted into new Reapers, while the remainder of their civilizations was systematically destroyed. By doing this, the Reapers preserved the harvested races, while allowing more primitive races to have their own chances to become great, evolving on their own (though influenced along more preferable paths by mass effect technology) and they in turn would be preserved, thus ensuring that the threat of complete annihilation of organics by synthetics was averted. However, because the races of the present cycle have completed the Crucible, a feat never before achieved, the Catalyst no longer believes the cycle will work, and thus a new solution must be devised. The Catalyst offers Shepard three choices for this solution, leaving the Commander to decide the fate of the galaxy while explaining how events will play out whatever Shepard decides. The Crucible in conjunction with the Citadel, the Catalyst and the mass relays can be used in a multitude of ways: as a means to destroy the Reapers, control Reapers, or render the Reapers harvests moot by fusing organic and synthetic life together.

Shepard follows the original plan of destroying the Reapers and shoots a vital power circuit in the Catalyst chamber, causing it to explode, and using the Crucible to unleash a wave of red energy across the galaxy via the mass relay network. The energy destroys the Reapers on as well as around Earth and transmits this energy to every mass relay network through the Charon Relay before damaging the relays and the Citadel as well. Admiral Hackett notices the Crucible activate and orders the fleet to disengage and rendezvous outside of the blast zone. Joker hesitates until the last possible second, desperate to save Shepard, before reluctantly following the fleet. However, he leaves too late; the Normandy jumps to FTL speeds but is caught by the energy released from the Crucible and crash-lands in a jungle on an unidentified world. Unfortunately, the solution came at a high cost: the annihilation of all synthetics in the galaxy, leaving everyone seeking a silver lining in all of this. Admiral Hackett officially closed this incident and relates how the Reapers were defeated, saying that this victory belongs to every civilization. Even though the galaxy is devastated and the mass relays are severely damaged, Hackett is confident they can rebuild stronger than before and hopes the lessons learned would not be forgotten. He regrets that so many people will not be able to witness the future that Shepard made possible, but resolves to honor their sacrifices. Eventually, the mass relays and even the Citadel are restored, and the galaxy enters into a new era of peace.

Shepard was later found alive near Docking Bay D24 helping a small group of C-Sec officers driving off the last of the yahg presence, though he was unaware of his new status. Upon being informed of the situation by his wife, Shepard is initially very reluctant to assume the office so quickly, stating he is no politician and prefers to fight in battle. Ultimately, he is persuaded by Ashley and their children after realizing that his refusal could jeopardize not only the fate of the Citadel, but the rest of the galaxy as well.

As a massive star dies, expelling most of its guts across the universe in a supernova explosion, its iron heart, the star's core, collapses to create the densest form of observable matter in the universe: a neutron star. [7] NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory has discovered the first direct evidence for a superfluid, a bizarre, friction-free state of matter, at the core of a neutron star. Superfluids created in laboratories on Earth exhibit remarkable properties, such as the ability to climb upward and escape airtight containers. The finding has important implications for understanding nuclear interactions in matter at the highest known densities. [6] This paper explains the Accelerating Universe, the Special and General Relativity from the observed effects of the accelerating electrons, causing naturally the experienced changes of the electric field potential along the moving electric charges. The accelerating electrons explain not only the Maxwell Equations and the Special Relativity, but the Heisenberg Uncertainty Relation, the wave particle duality and the electron's spin also, building the bridge between the Classical and Relativistic Quantum Theories. The Big Bang caused acceleration created the radial currents of the matter and since the matter composed of negative and positive charges, these currents are creating magnetic field and attracting forces between the parallel moving electric currents. This is the gravitational force experienced by the matter, and also the mass is result of the electromagnetic forces between the charged particles. The positive and negative charged currents attracts each other or by the magnetic forces or by the much stronger electrostatic forces. The gravitational force attracting the matter, causing concentration of the matter in a small space and leaving much space with low matter concentration: dark matter and energy. Category: Astrophysics 350c69d7ab


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